Animation, Micha, Space, Stefan

Romanzero was one of the winners of 2016 genius loci weimar festival in Weimar Germany. It was screened three evenings at the beautiful Tempelherrenhaus Weimar placed across the Goethe Park Haus.

Mystical atmospheres, fairy tales, nature and pathos, but also images of transience mark the beginning of a story that leads in an abstract sense to new images. In the context of the Ilmpark, the ruins of the Tempelherrenhaus are illuminated as a symbol of human longing for nature, but also as an apparent escape into the past, a deceptive utopia. The visualisation of past aspirations on one hand, and the orchestration of the ruins as actor and stage on the other, comprise the framework for the unfolding story. Aided by light animations, the building is reshaped and reexperienced. The hand-drawn black-and-white illustrations interact with real or seemingly real segments of the building. The Tempelherrenhaus reconstructs itself, opens up and collapses at the end, only to recreate itself all over again.

Hand-drawn projection art, Greatmade had drawn over 5000 illustrations by hand and supplemented and refined them with animated effects. The result is a mixture of frame-by-frame animation and moving collage — accompanied by a specially composed classical score. Patrick Föllmer, head of the »Lilabungalow« trio, is responsible for the musical elements of »Romanzero«. The fourth member of the team and technical backbone of the project is video artist Dirk Rauscher, who has staged interdisciplinary motion design projects for over 20 years.

Visual: Michael Schinköthe, Stefan Kowalczyk, Dirk Rauscher
Audio: Patrick Föllmer, Laura Grosser (violin), Martin Rödiger (mix & master)

Documentation: Tobias Schütze, Christian Seeling, Dirk Rauscher


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